This fonn is for pilgrimage, making it the perfect choice for the processional from the Truck to the ritual site for Bealltainn; I love this one, even though I have trouble sustaining the higher notes and the range the chant calls for. This fonn is the signature fonn of the Céile Dé, and is considered a ‘moving’ fonn, designed for walking with sacred intent. Since the Céile Dé are Celtic Christians, I have changed this chant for my own purposes to say ‘Gods’ instead of ‘God’.

A dhiathan, beannaigh an chéim
O bhfuil mé ag dul
Beannaigh dom an chré
Atá fém’ chois

Oh Gods, bless every step
that I am taking
And bless the ground
beneath my feet

Fonn 2, Sacred Chants of the Céile Dé. Duncauld, Scotland: Céile Dé.