Everything, right now, is a confusing jumble for me, so I need to start somewhere, and work through things in my head before actually DOING something. I will start SIMPLY.

My first High Day is Bealltainn, and although the official calendar day, May 1st, falls on a Sunday, I will be working the rite on the Monday following. This is acceptable, because, according to ADF Constitution Article 4, it is to be celebrated within one week prior or after. May 2nd is fine, and may even be a tad closer to the actual midpoint between the Equinox and the Solstice. The historical time, corrected for our calendar, would actually fall around May 5th.

I’m holding this ritual outdoors, in a local park, and for various and sundry reasons, I’ve chosen to include First Oath as the working. This, too, should be acceptable, for First Oath needs to be complete before or ON the next High Day.

Also, since my Path is a ‘becoming’ and tends to develop organically over time, I intend to follow the pure basics, and focus on intention, quality and mindfulness of the ritual, more than an elaborate ‘performance’. Such a thing would defeat my purpose. I have been performing ritual now for over a decade, so, for this first High Day, I intend to focus on deleting things from my Path that would not go with ADF; elemental and directional addresses, for instance.

In my Homework for WotY, I have ‘completed’ the readings, but, I put the word in quotes, because I will need to refer back about a bazillion times in thought and re-reading, for this is the foundational steps of my worship and I need to know it cold.