This ùrnaigh’s intent is ‘sacred speech’, and I will state this in the beginning before the processional from the Truck to the ritual site for my first High Day, Bealltainn. I use this prayer before every ritual or working.

Canam an achan o mo bheal
Canam an achan o mo chridhe
Canam an achan dhuit fhein
Alla mara agus tire
Alla greine agus gile
Alla nan riollachan alain

I speak the prayer from my mouth
I speak the prayer from my heart
I speak the prayer to Thee, Thyself
Wild Lord of Sea and Land,
Wild Lord of Sun and Moon,
Wild Lord of the Beautiful Stars

Fonn 2, Sacred Chants of the Céile Dé. Duncauld, Scotland: Céile Dé.