This altar not only incorporates my family lines on both my Mum’s and Dad’s sides, but also our ties to Scotland and the home country, and my non-human lineage as well. My family is from Scotland on both sides of the tree, but my Mum is 1st generation American, so my grandparents were from Scotland on her side; this is commemorated through several items on the altar.

Dad’s side is from England and Scotland, but his family came to America in 1607 and helped build / found the country. In his lineage, we have two cities that bear the family names which our family founded (Shelton, CT and Sanford, FL), and our family has been researched and recorded, and much of Dad’s family lineage is on display in the Sanford Museum in central Florida His ancestor that founded the town was a member of Abraham Lincoln’s cabinet, and served as an attache to Belgium in the American Civil War. He also helped open the Congo, and created the first Orange Plantation / Grove in Florida.

My Altar:

From left to right, bottom row:

My Mum, the small bowl next to her was made by my niece, Julie; inside are stones from the River Dee and heather from the Highlands. The Cross is a High Cross; for generations my family has been Celtic Christian and then Protestant, later, when they came to Glasgow. The far right of this row is the Beard family crest.

From left to right, top row:
Dad’s Grandfather, a WWI vet. Dad, whose picture is hard to see, and the family Matriarch, Grandmother Beard. In the middle is a representative of my non-human lineage, my beloved Wolves; and to the right of him are stones gathered in Edinburgh and its vicinity.  The heart-shaped rose quartz I acquired in Mallaig, Scotland; the other heart-shaped stone from Tron Kirk in Edinburgh. The stone on the far right is from the River Dee. The postcard behind the stone is one that my grandmother wrote on as a child and sent to her family, when she was confined to the Royal Infirmary in Glasgow, which is shown on the postcard, itself. The pictures of family above and around are all my Mum’s family… all McAllisters. My great grandmother, Margaret Thomson; my grandmother, Mary McAllister, and her two siblings, Ann and James. Her sister Ann’s engagement to Howard Wheale is above in the newspaper clipping. The McAllister plaid is in the centre.