The structure of the ritual was Wiccan. Sacred Mist rituals, which I have been attending for many years now, follow a particular structure that works well; everyone knows it, follows along, and helps those that don’t know. The way energy is raised and directed, and the workings contained, tend to vary slightly, but, the rough structure for public ritual never changes.

As far as I could see, nothing went ‘wrong’. Lots of things went ‘right’, however; I truly enjoyed the meditation lead by Sunchylde, and had no trouble dropping in to a ritual energy and focus. The brewing of the tea was a bit touch and go; almost forgot the cold water to be able to use it for the anointing. In the end, my tea was fine, my working was fine, and I enjoyed myself.

Since this ritual was Wiccan, there was no ‘gatekeeper’ or what is meant by a ‘sacrifice’ or ‘drawing of an omen’. Sacred Mist doesn’t do those things.What they DO, is create ritual circle, call the quarters, and address the God and Goddess.

The ritual itself was deeply moving – anointing myself and pledging to the God and Goddess was a very emotional experience for me, and yes, I always feel energy deeply with their rituals. I’ve been a member for a long time. The part that I did within the ritual was the brewing of the tea and the self-anointing. And no, we didn’t have these things memorised, so, I didn’t stumble over the words. I’ve become fairly confident in Sacred Mist rituals, so I was able to focus more on the energy and the feelings, as opposed to mechanics and format and ‘performance’.