Brief Information:
High Day Celebrated: Grian-stad Sàmhradh (Summer Solstice)
Location: Sacred Mists Circle
This is an online chatroom where Esbats, Sabbats and other announced rituals are held by The Sacred Mists Coven. (Wiccan Coven)
Date Celebrated: 21 June, 2011
Time Celebrated: 2PM, CST
Who led the Rite: WiccanThyme
Ritual Clergy Present:
Lady Lilyth Amicia Moonshadow
Raushanna de Danu
Willow Raevynwood
Grove Name: The Sacred Mists Coven (Wiccan Coven)
Gatekeeper: None – this was a Wiccan ritual
Omen Method: None – this was a Wiccan ritual

After Grounding & Centering, SunChylde led the group directed meditation. Started with deep breathing; visualisation of upwards spiraling road, in the night, lit by torchlight, drumming in the night, that pulls you towards it. It leads to a village of cottages filled with giant sunflowers, lavender, and other scents, and beyond, you discover a stone circle fill of drumming and dancing people, forest creatures and other animals. I am invited to join by the participants. I am directed to sit and listen to the drums. It is a slow, gentle rhythm. We all stand facing east, welcoming the sun. Received ring of yellow flowers at my feet as a gift from the sun, before returning the way I came.

WiccanThyme Broom Closet casts the circle and calls quarters and leads ritual
God and Goddess Called:
God of Sun & Mother Nature
SunChylde leads ritual responses
Purpose of ritual – Honoring and Celebrating the Noon of the Summer; also, rededicating to the God and Goddess

Purification Tea
During ritual at the beginning, we each made a purification tea for offering with herbs and crystals on square of cloth, tied with ribbon. The tea was consecrated in incense, fire, water and salt. Left tea to brew during ritual.
Colour of cloth and tie: orange and yellow to signify Noon, Sun, Solstice
Herbs used: Hawthorn berry, gingko biloba, and sweet gymnema herb
Crystals used: jasper and labradorite
Incense used: red sandalwood

After tea is brewed, the purification / re-dedication portion of the ritual went thus:
Re-dedication to God and Goddess; anointing with salt and water; as I anoint the correct places, I also say:
“I am a child of the gods and I ask them to bless me”
Anointing my forehead: May my mind be blessed, so that I can accept the wisdom of the Gods;
Anointing the eyelids: May my eyes be blessed so that I can see my way clearly upon the path;
Anointing lips and say: May my lips so I may always speak with honor and respect;
Anointing chest: May my heart be blessed so I may love and be loved;
Anointing tops of hands: May my hands be blessed so that I may use them to help and heal others;
Anointing the tops of my feet: May my feet be blessed so that I may walk side by side with the Divine;

Holding hands high after placing bowl to side: “I pledge my dedication to the God and Goddess. I will walk with them beside me, and ask them to guide me on this journey. I pledge to honor them, and ask that they allow me to grow closer to them, in perfect love and perfect trust, so mote it be.”

Now, for the purification tea. Placing fingers and thumbs into purification tea, after cooling with more water, allow happy, peaceful, and purifying energies to run through my body, and cleanse my energy deeply.

After this, the ritual was closed in the normal way, thanking the God and Goddess, then stepping through the quarters, and closing the circle.