The next High Day, my second, is rapidly approaching here, and I have a couple of choices. I am, at this point, either going to write my own private ritual for use here at the house, and focus on my own ‘normal’ type of ritual, or, I’m going to just attend my Wiccan college’s online ritual. I think, right now, it depends on how I feel. I’m very drained and exhausted, the heat is over 100 degrees, and my energy is so low that the online ritual may be the best way for me to celebrate the High Day.

Sacred Mist’s Online Litha ritual is June 21; this might be the only ritual I’m up for. This is actually next Tuesday; I only have one more weekend to prepare for the ritual, and as it’s a Solstice, I need to acknowledge the correct astrological time, no matter what ritual I do.