I had some very interesting experiences, one of which was a surprise encounter with what others would tend to think of as an ‘imaginary’ character from a TV series. I’ve had these sorts of experiences before, and I don’t discount them. TV and movie characters tend to be real in certain ways, especially the more talented and gifted the ‘writer’ is. Some of them, I believe, are channeled entities who use creative individuals to open a portal to our own realm. TV and movies are our modern myth systems. Of course they’re coming through this medium. The energy we give this medium is irresistible. Mythology is the great cultural standard bearer and teacher, and even this civilization has to have some mythology!

But, anyway. This character – he’s a vampire in a TV series – was interested in an opinion I had regarding his interaction with someone. To make this clearer, it was  Nick Knight, from the Forever Knight series. Now, people who know me, know I don’t ‘do the dead’. I’m not really a vampire fan much. They aren’t my idea of a sexy lover, and I don’t really like them. I tolerate certain fictional ones; that’s about it. They are parasitic, and have very abusive and negative qualities. They’re also, quite frankly, gross. This goes for psychic and energy vampires, too. Absolute power corrupts, etc.  I, however, like Nick; as a vampire goes, he’s a decent one, with genuine compassion, etc., etc. I didn’t like how some woman was using him in the series; I didn’t like her motives, and I didn’t like her and I pretty much stated that fact, aloud, to my spirit mate. I couldn’t believe it when Nick Knight showed up on the border of my Sacred Grove when I was journeying that night, wanted to hear about why I felt that way.

Anyway, that is the only journey I’m willing to share; most of them are never for public consumption, but, I did find it easier to maintain this practice on a daily basis than the other types of meditation I’ve attempted so far. And oh yes, technically, journeying isn’t meditation, but it does seem ‘allowable’ for the 23 week qualification, so, I included a week of it. I needed it.