I did really poorly, as in, I did not do this meditation consistently. I think it is utterly lovely and moving, but, complexity makes me give up and avoid. There is a reason… my life is already too busy, too complex  and I have too many irons in the fire. This leads me to conclude, that, although I would definitely use this gorgeous meditation in a ritual, I would not use it for daily practice. In order to be effective in building a habit, I need to have something far simpler, something I will do come what may.

On the other hand, the few times I did practice this week, I found the experience very expanding. It’s difficult to explain; I was able to sense an unbelievable vastness surrounding me, as though I had opened my mind to many levels all at once. I have to say, I’m glad I was prepared, somewhat, for the experience, through the journeying work I had done with FSS. I might have reacted with fear and tried to shut down the experience, otherwise. As it was, I couldn’t maintain it long, but it was moving.