My week 13 starts today, and I’ve decided to do something experimental, something that just ‘felt right’. I want to do a daily devotional in the form of a chant. This chant is a Sun greeting taught to me by my mentors in the Foundation for Shamanic Studies; it addresses the morning sun. I’m going to chant this all week. Friday is the Autumnal Equinox, and the days will begin to diminish, so lovingly greeting the sun just felt like a ‘goodbye’ and an acknowledgement that these hot, stifling days of 100+ degree heat are going away and that in spite of the drought, the wildfires and the suffering of heat, I still need to love and be grateful for the goodness and life the Sun brings. The chant:

‘Morning Sun, Morning Sun, Come my way,
Come my way, Come my way, Take my pain,
Take my pain, Take my pain, Down Below,
Down Below, Down Below, Cooling water, down below”

I don’t know the original source of the chant, but it was taught to me by Dana and Shana Robinson of FSS.