For Week 18, and the next few weeks, actually, I’m going to be focusing on my energy work, sort of physical side of mental training, meditation, energy management. Many of the next few things I’m going to work with are from Eastern practices, especially Tai Chi. I have to spend a few minutes daily on these next series of work, I think. I’m happy about it though – doing Tai Chi is like playing, I love it so.

Here’s the practice:

Entering tranquility

Stand with your feet about shoulder width apart, toes pointing forward. Shift your weight slightly forward onto the balls of your feet. Do not lock the knees.  Keep your knees spread apart slightly, as if you were sitting on a horse.  Don’t allow your knees to flex inward. It helps to imagine that you have something like a basketball held between your knees keeping them apart. Keep your abdomen relaxed and “soft”.

Breathe naturally into your lower lungs, letting your abdomen naturally expand and contract: Don’t breathe by flexing your chest. Use your diaphragm instead.

Now imagine that someone has attached a string to the top of your head and is pulling upwards. This will straighten your back and roll your backside under your spine to support it better. Let your arms hang at your sides with the palms turned to face behind you. Lightly touch the tip of your tongue to the roof of your mouth.

Relax.  Do not allow any part of your body to tense up. If your body is tight or tense this will restrict the flow of chi or energy and eventually cause distracting discomfort. In this posture all of the energy channels should be free. Breathe naturally and deeply. Don’t rely on shallow chest breathing: Relax your abdomen and let the diaphragm drop, drawing air deep into the lungs. Focus on your breathing at first. Take a deep breath in, hold it a moment, inhale a little more, and then exhale completely. Once you have exhaled, hold a moment, and then exhale a little more before taking the next breath. After a while you will do this without thinking about it. Inhaling a little extra before exhaling and vice versa helps you to do this deep breathing with less discomfort. If you are distracted or preoccupied, imagine that your concerns are being expelled from your each time that you exhale.

– Kerr Cuhulain

Order of Scáthach foundational energy practices
Yes, I know this isn’t cited correctly!!! But at least I can find it!