The meditation I’m working on for this week is from the teaching coven, Sacred Mists; they have a whole section in their BOS covering meditations, and I just picked one that called to me. It’s called ‘Rose Journey – Power Animal Meditation’. First of all, I had a familiar that passed back in 2008 named Rose – she was a Siberian Husky, and she still helps me with psychopomp work. I named her Rose because of the nature of the flower (it fit her personality) and the fact that primrose is associated with my birth time in some systems. I also love roses, and grow them.

Here’s the meditation:

 Rose Journey

Ground and center with your breath and generate lots of love to your heart flame to make it strong and bright for the alchemy…… Take note of your crown as the doorway to your consciousness. Be sure your Cauldron is gold and the liquid inside it is pink. When you stir the pink water in the Golden Cauldron, it rises to meet the flame in your heart. As the water is converted to steam, it creates a fountain of pink mist. Let your consciousness rise up within the steam and fountain our your crown…… You are engulfed in a pink mist. You are aware of the presence of Thoth, even if you can’t see him in the pink fog. Feel the softness of the pink mist and enjoy its embrace……….

Out of the pink mists emerges a rose bud. It might be on a single stem or part of a bush. There a glossy green leaves on strong, graceful stems. Sharp thorns give off an aura of protection.

Sunlight penetrates the pink mist, glistening off the drops of dew caught in the folds of the leaves and blossom, and as the warm rays of the sun burn off the fog, the petals of the rose slowly begin to open. There is a direct connection between this rose and your heart, and as each petal unfolds you can feel the opening of your heart…. (Pause)

As this superb rose blossom continues to open, it emits the most exquisite fragrance, generating feelings of beauty, perfection, and love…….

Take a moment to honor the beauty and perfection of this rose…….. As you breath deeply, inhaling the fragrance of the rose, allow its essence to permeate to the core of your being……

A blending occurs and you merge with and experience what it is like to be a rose….. Feel the sensuality of the sunlight on your open petals. Notice the sensation of the breeze caressing your body, touching every cell. You are filled with the love that you feel for the rose. All of your senses are heightened, and you become aware that you are in a garden. Your sense of hearing is increased to amplify the teeming life of this garden. there is an incessant hum that differentiates into the sound of a honeybee that visits you, entering through the open heart of your outstretched petals, dancing as it gathers sweet pollen….. Receive a message from this partner in the continuing dance of life. There is a teaching here about ecstasy and your inner beauty……. (Pause)

Let your attention be drawn from the blossom down the root system of your rosebush. Your roots are strong and reach deeply into the soil, holding you securely in the place from which is drawn your nourishment. Notice your connection to the earth and become aware of yourself as grounded, even with the joy and ecstasy of your experience……….

Become aware of the presence of Thoth. He assists you back into your ordinary consciousness through a gradual transformation that allows your to bring your feelings of perfection and beauty into your physical form. As you exchange the body of the rose for your human body, you maintain normal size and the rose becomes small, concentrated to fit within your heart center, where it continues to radiate its exquisite fragrance.

(Be sure to ground and center in your physical body……)

Posted by Crystal Dragon Bard; unknown origin