This is a guided meditation, at least at first, that I intend to work with for some weeks. It has great value, and it is helping me see where I am very weak, and need more work. Again, I have a foundation problem; I tend not to be grounded or belong anywhere, and this meditation is bringing healing and teaching. This was shared last week on an Oracle Study that I am involved with, and I asked our Teacher for inclusion into this practice here at ADF.

Perform this meditation, either in or out of the shower and please share your experiences.

Relax, and imagine you are a beautiful waterfall. [Give yourself a
few moments for this] Now…repeat a few times in your mind…or
ask your guide to do so for you…he/she just might.
“The water flows in…..the water flows away…

See yourself as the water flows into you, and see yourself as the
water flows away from you…You are still a waterfall, you are
allowing the water to flow from above into you, and to flow outwards
away from you.

You are a beautiful waterfall…water flows into you, water flows
out from you. You are refreshed, you are cleansed, you are healed,
and you are quenched.
See the animals and the people rest within you, see them being
quenched, being refreshed in you. See them being cleansed, being
healed in you.

The Water flows into you, the Water flows out from you.

The sun shines on you and you sparkle and twinkle, rainbow colours
form and disappear in you…you are glorious, you are beautiful.
The moon shines on you and you are luminescent.
You reflect her face and the see the stars twinkle within you.

The Water flows into you, the Water flows out from you.

A pond is formed where your feet are. Within that pond people can
sit, swim or play. The waters quench them and relax them, it
cleanses them
and refreshes them.
They learn and experience from their immersion within you.

You are the waterfall. The waters flow into you…from above. The
waters flow out from below.
The waters are all colours, all spirits. You accept them, you enfold
them, and you let them go. You give them to others, you use them,
you release them.

You are the waterfall, you are beautiful

The Water flows into you, and the Water flows out from you.
(Source: Selfgrowth dot com)