For my final week of the meditation requirements, but not of my meditation practice, I’m going to return to my core type of ‘meditation’ – shamanic journeying. As I’ve gone through the weeks and looked at many different types of meditation, it’s expanded my knowledge of the types, yes, but also it’s helped me define what does and does not tend to work for me. I’ve also come to expand my definition of ‘meditation’ to involve other pursuits (ie repetitive movement), things I didn’t realise fell under that appellation.

As an aside, I’m doing other movement and mental training work from Escrima and other martial arts disciplines right now, for a different study that I’m doing, and also the abbreviated version of the Two Powers guided meditation each week with the WotY study with Rev. Jessie Olson on WizQ. Meditation, energy work and mental training is here to stay.