I’m really enjoying my time out there. As the time goes on, I’m taking note of what’s going on. I’m loving the sunlight on the leaves, how everything dances in the wind, the smell of the air… and taking the time to do nothing, or what feels like ‘nothing’.

Over the course of the past week and a half, the temperatures have become unbearably hot. It’s in the 100s every day now. Even the Green Ash in the front yard is showing signs of heat stress. I have been watering my trees so I don’t lose them; I’ve also had to water the foundation of the house to help prevent the slab cracking. I’ve enjoyed hand watering, just watching the play of the water and the smell of it as it dances out of the end of the hose and sparkles and rainbows in the sunlight.

Mr. Teddy has been outside with me, too; I fill up a small wading pool {when he’s done, I use that to water the plants}; he runs and plays and splashes, and then digs into the sand in his sandbox and rolls in it. It’s fun to watch him do this, and just – play.