Well, this started out as a homework assignment for an Oracle study I’m doing, given by a good friend of mine who’s a fellow ADF Druid, but who primarily is Wiccan / Shamanistic. I had to create some incense with at least one, but no more than three of the plants of the Oracle (The Druid Plant Oracle). So, I went on a pilgrimage and gathered Fern. Then, we had to USE it. Yikes! With my asthma, I don’t generally burn incense indoors, so, I came up with a plan… We are in terrible drought, and I thought doing a ritual to Taranis with the Fern incense would be a good thing.

My Fern Incense

My Fern Incense, Gathered on Pilgrimage

I did the ritual a bit ADF style, and found some great rituals other people had written and so generously shared, so I roughed out a simpler one using them as a template. Here’s a copy of the ritual:

I chanted my urnaigh and did the Gaelic chant, ‘Siram Soillse’, and a bit of drumming to begin the ritual. There was no processional. I just danced the drum, and opened my energies.

To begin the ritual, I started with something I’d read from the Sonoran Grove for their Midsummer Ritual, modified to fit my solo ritual…
“Within the Nemeton lies the Well, which contains the powers of chaos and the dark waters of the Underworld; the Fire, which embodies the ordering power of the Upperworld; and the Tree with its roots below and branches above connecting all.”

With the Earth beneath my feet, With the Sky that shelters all, With the Tree connecting Worlds,
In this place of love and magic I stand as one with the world.

Then, I blessed the Hallows very simply:
Lit candle: “Sacred Fire, burn within me”
Sprinkled Flour Offering: “Mother Earth, hold firm beneath me”
Poured water into basin: “Sacred Well, flow within me”

Then, I opened the Gates simply: “Beloved Gatekeeper, Manannan, I ask in reverence, open now the sacred boundary.”
His offering was whisky. “Let the Gates Be Open”

Then I jumped right into my purpose for the ritual, and shamelessly copied a bunch of great text from Rev. Skip Ellison and Kirk Thomas, with one Gaelic line of my own: “Taranis, Thunderer, I call upon You! Taranis, Thunder God, Wheeled Might, Sky Father, Arn athair a tha air Neamh, I acknowledge You.”

“O God of lightning, Lord of Storms, I call upon You now, For rain comes best with thunderstorms That form upon Your brow.
We bid the Heavens open wide, To let the rain cascade. The Earth shall drink that she may be In green once more arrayed.”

“I call upon you this day, Great Thunderer. Taranis, I ask that You bring the rains to fill the lakes and the streams, to help our trees and crops grow, and to nurture all the wild beings. We have been in a time of drought and the land is calling for water! Taranis, I call to you to come in your great-wheeled chariot that goes across the skies. I ask that you bring your great hammer that makes the thunder. And most of all, I ask that You bring the rains that we need. Your blessings I appreciate.”

“Taranis, Lord of Storms, accept my offering.”
This is where I lit the incense.

After this, I did a lot of drumming and muttering under my breath, which passes for prayer for me. I really felt Taranis heard. The winds certainly did start picking up after this.

Here was my close:
The Mighty Ones have blessed me upon my way.  So as I prepare to depart, I shall give thanks to those who have aided me.

Oh Mighty Taranis, I thank thee.
Earth Mother, For thy upholding of the World, I thank thee.
Beloved Gatekeeper, for guiding and for guarding, I thank thee.

Now I end what I have begun.
Let the fire be flame
let the well be water
let all be as before.
Let the gates be closed.

Walking with wisdom, as a child of the Earth,
my rite is ended.