There are lots of good people in the path of the Texas fires, and my heart goes out, as well as my prayers, to those affected by them. May the Gods protect you during this trying time.

I live in the Central Texas area, and although I’m not in the direct path of the fires, the whole area is a tinderbox. Record heat, record drought, high winds and low humidity have brought this on. At this time, there are 60 new wildfires, out of control across the state. The fire in Bastrop is the most destructive on record. The military at Fort Hood, where I live, may have to be mobilized to fight them.

We’re in a D4 Drought Exceptional Zone.
Much of the area rainfall is 20 inches below normal.
June and July are the hottest months on record. It has averaged 75 days over 100 degrees, making this summer the hottest in recorded history.
The 10 months from October 2010 through July 2011 have been the driest for that 10-month period in Texas since 1895.

So, what I can I do? I can give to disaster relief, I can volunteer time, I can dedicate ritual to the relief of the drought; I can restrict my own water usage, I can honor no open flame in outdoor rituals.