I’ve officially started my nature awareness work, kind of with a whimper instead of a bang, I guess. I have decided on a special little nook in my backyard for this purpose, and I’m going out there each week, to observe the changes over time to this little area, and to do some sketching and drawing, and watching and listening.

For my baseline to begin the observations, the little nook is at one corner of my privacy fence, out in the back 40 by Mr. Teddy’s sandbox. A large, wild Mustang grape vine grows on the fence, virulently so, and I have a small plaster bust of Diana of Aradia overlooking the area, attached to the fence amongst the vines.  Today, the area is filled with movement, and dappled light, and residual coolness and damp from the front that just past through two days ago. The first ladybug I’ve seen of the season, was cruising up the fence on some sort of mission; the carpenter ants had found something on the crosspiece and were busy working on hauling it off. The birds were loud. Although I didn’t see many, except the occasional Blue Jay that landed on the fence and veered off when it saw me, only the birdsong let me know exactly how many birds were around. The Grackles are still courting, and their feather-ruffling and loud, whirling screeches can still be heard. The Mustang grape is fruiting out, and the Crepe Myrtle on the other side of the fence is blooming.

I started out in the sunshine, but, it is very hot – too hot to stay out long; I had to move to the shade. Since I’m in my yard, I’m barefoot, and I loved the feel of the sand – still wet – and I played with that for a while. The air smelled good and fresh, too.

I’m working on a sketch of the mustang grape – will post that when finished.