As part of my nature awareness, I’ve chosen to keep a sketchbook again and keep my eye out for things to be drawing…

yellow wood sorrel blooming up the road.

Yellow wood-sorrel blooming up the road in the field near to the house.

Right now, it’s late May and Texas is known for its wildflowers. Flowers like Mexican Hat are blooming all over the place right now, including some nice types of daisies and sunflowers, which will become more prominent as the summer wears on. Yellows are big on the cusp of summer. I did a sketch of a yellow that’s in the field by the house just now.

The flowers are bright yellow, with small bright-orange chevron-shaped markings towards the cup of the flower, and a bright, fresh yellowy green towards the inner flower that approaches the stem. The stem itself is a standard yellowish green, and there are lots of flowers and tri-lobbed leaves on the plant.