So exactly what IS wisdom to me, anyway? After all, I’m writing an entire Oracle deck called, in part, WOLF WISDOM; but did I really think that through and know what I meant by that? It seems to me that wisdom feels like something you do, a course of action taken, after careful judgement and inclusion of as many angles and aspects as a poor little artist-mind (like mine) can possibly conceive. Therefore, it has several components. A thinking process, a mulling over, mixed with an emotional process of what feels correct, for poor is the individual who thinks the ‘logical rational’ is all there is to decision-making, and who fails to take into account his or her emotional needs.

Because, you see, I know what it is not – it is not plunging ahead willy-nilly and heedless of circumstance. It is not a brainless, thoughtless course of action that those of us who fight impulsiveness have to contend with. It’s not reaction. It’s not just intelligence, either; you can have enormous intelligence and still be a complete amadan.