I have completed the thought process and writing of the Oath upon the Waxing Moon. I have completed the gathering of the soil under both the brightest, sunniest day and under moonlit night, and I am mixing the soil and getting the soil painting done, all during the time of the Full Moon, to be spread in Land, Sea and Sky on the Waning Moon, and to seal the Oath. I will save back a small vial of the soil to be used for my Dedicant Path Oath; and for use when I move (halfway across the country) to my new home, to connect my new place to my old. It’s kind of handy that the Full Moon is coming about two weeks before the next High Day 😉

My fonn is simple – and it will be chanted at the Oath-sealing, and, taking a leaf out of Brandon’s book (as per the ADF example), I am planning on chanting this 9-line fonn every day for one month, after my Oath is sealed, until one Moon-cycle has past.

I, EnchantedWolf, speak aloud to All that is:
Feumaidh Mise lĂ n urram a thoirt dhaibh
CrĂ bhadh
Feumaidh Mise lĂ n urram a thoirt dhaibh
Feumaidh Mise lĂ n urram a thoirt dhaibh
to the Pagan ways I now swear
this enduring Oath, Awen.

Gaelic part translation / pronunciation:
Virtue (soov lac)
I must give them full honor (Fay-me Mee-sha laaan urr-am a horsht guy-eve)
Piety (Craaa-va)
Study (Smeen-tchuck-uck)