I have begun thinking about the first oath; I see certain things in visions, so I need to incorporate what I see; I need to draw it, and work on the chant, for it will be a chant, at least, that feels right, right now. I know it needs a couple of things – it needs simplicity, for that suits me; it needs visuals; I would also like to work in sand painting or find a more ‘Celtic’ equivalent for it. I have about three weeks until the next High Day, so that should give me enough time to solidify and work with the imagery and chant and supplies.

Although it isn’t really ‘Celtic’, I’m an illustrator and creating sand mandalas as a sacred art form has always deeply interested me. Since this is part of my personal work, I may consider using the concept (from Tibetan Buddhism). I think what connects me here is that I am an illustrator, and I have taken Oaths in the Otherworld already about my artwork; it is one of my Sacred tasks of this life to bring my artwork to fruition, and I strongly feel that I must incorporate it into my personal oath. I’m also going to find out if the Celts had any equivalent; but I’m thinking more that  I will need to adapt this idea to my Hearth culture.

The opening and setting of sacred space will be my standard úrnaigh.