First of all, I was thrilled to become a member of the Gael-Kin; I officially became one April 4th of this year. I haven’t posted much, but I was pleased to see the activity and scholarship, and interest in all of the Gaelic, not just Irish, or Welsh – or my own brand, Scot.

I’m thrilled to find a couple of members that also have the Gàidhlig, and I’m hoping that we can add to the website research and works on using and speaking Gaelic of all kinds. Unfortunately, my own Gàidhlig is hideously rusty from disuse, and I need the SMO into course badly; I have zero confidence in my ability for verbal discourse, and I’m looking to gain that. (A case of coca-cola couldn’t get rid of the rust right now, I’m afraid!)

I was sad to see our loss of Alexei Kondratiev; who died last year; purely selfish on my part of course, as Death is the next great adventure and I’m sure he’s deep in his next adventure now. Although I never bring to the table his richness of scholarship and ability, I am willing to try to build on his work he started on the website. I have to figure out how to volunteer and ask.