When I first decided to look into ADF, I did a divination spread,  amongst other research, and I had very interesting results. During this  spread, I did receive a visitation from Mr. Mac Lir, and the resulting  conversation was very important. It is, after all, why I have been led  (by Himself) to join this organisation.

The gist, since some areas of this should not be made public, is that  although my work is good and I’ve stuck with it over the years… there  is one GLARING thing lacking from my practice. Well, several, I’m sure,  but, I can only be hit upside the head over one issue at a time,  PU-LEASE!!!

Mannannán did honor me by crediting me with what I have done well – I  honor the seasons and I do magickal work, and I am devoted to  self-improvement, and that’s good.  Also, as first a Bard and then, an  Ovate in OBOD, I have developed my artwork as a painter and illustrator  and my practice of honoring the Wheel of the Year and my connection to  it; and my Divination and a deepening of my practice for honoring and  living with more ecological responsibly, and that’s good, too.  In  addition to all of this,  in FSS (Foundation for Shamanic Studies, which  was further training for the Ovate Grade) I developed my core Shaman  techniques, and began specialising in psychopomp work, and my ability to  move between the Worlds. Well, that’s good too; but…

It is simply this: I have a horrible time connecting to the Gods and  Goddesses, and I do little for devotion and honoring them. I tend to  avoid them completely and feel  no emotional connection at all. To this  end, I started hanging out with my Wiccan friends, who are deeply  connected to their Patron Goddesses, and studying online at a Wiccan  College to provide a bit of structure and impetus in research and  connections. This has helped tremendously, and led to the appearance of  Mannannán in my life. I strongly suspect He was there all along, but, I  had a hard time connecting or feeling anything.

He clued me in as to where to search for the origins of my reluctance  to get involved with the Gods; he told me, “You know, Yaweh isn’t the  only God who can fling thunderbolts, and quite frankly, I can fling them  right back if it’s a problem, you know.”

I’ve always said Yaweh was the abusive father I never had. Well,  Mannannán cleared that one up, too: “I’m the new Father God in your  life, like it or lump it.”

It’s now up to me to work on this aspect of my spirituality and Path; appearing at the right time. *Thank you*