…or, how I wound up here. It’s all his fault, you know, and he’s pleased as punch.

My first contact with Mannannán Mac Lir was a hijacked meditation to  Helios. It was a group, led Meditation for one of the High Days, led by  the Wiccan group I’m studying with (I can’t remember which Day it was).  Well, I’m sure everyone else met Helios and managed to go to the Sun –  Mr. Mac Lir in HIS chariot whisked me in quite a different direction,  although for this first contact, I don’t recall much. I remember the  shock and surprise factor, however. Helios never did show, although  Manannán was gentlemanly enough to deposit me where I was supposed to be  at the end of the meditation, so I could join properly in the ritual  after.

My second contact with him went just as, er, swimmingly, shall we  say; since I just finished my last Deity Focus essay for the  aforementioned College, I put out the intention  into the Universe and  requested that any God or Goddess who wished to  work with me for this  next focus to make themselves known – the first  thing I got, right  after I spoke this aloud, was a pair of blue eyes so  close to mine I  couldn’t tell who it was – just big, staring eyes right  into mine that  took up my whole line of vision. So, troll that I am, I  said cattily,  ‘if you’re going to get that close, I can’t tell who the  heck you are.  How is that going to help?’ Turned out, yet again, it was Manannán Mac  Lir. He’s a tricky one. Fortunately, he  has a huge sense of humour, at  least in my experience. As he was  leaving, he poked me with a trident  and said, ‘get to work on that crane  bag’. Oh boy.

The next contact was during the essay and research process itself – I  kept having visions of him, which have continued, actually. I had  already been poked  in the rear from Him; and it during this research  process  that I  had come to suspect that he is my patron God. When I  made that realisation, I could see his blue eyes, about 1 inch from  mine, and hear a ‘tsk tsk, you’ve not made your  bloody crane bag yet’.  That’s what I like about him – his sly sense of humour and his   unpredictability, combined with his very real wisdom and great power.

What finally pushed me over the edge into joining ADF was Himself;  actually, I had been thinking of trying to work with my mentors at OBOD  and petition for Druid Grade, but in studying some ADF material online, I  saw how connected many members were to Mr. Mac Lir – and how he is  often called as Gatekeeper in Ritual. I had also been on various and  sundry websites in researching this Deity for the Wiccan College, and  well, felt right at home. I did a divination spread, one that I  developed for my Oracle deck I’m illustrating — and after seeing the  results, I had a vision. I asked Him, ‘How may I serve you?’ and He  replied, ‘Now you’re asking the right questions!’ HA. I also asked,  ‘Joining ADF feels right to me… is putting aside OBOD for ADF a  beneficial thing for me to do at this time?’ And he replied, ‘ You  already know the answer to that.’ And off he went.

I joined the next day – today, actually. I’m awaiting my packet even now, as I type.