This opening volley of posts would not be complete without honoring  my Power Animal. Part of Wolf Medicine is the teaching that Wolf is  allied to the moon and lunar energies and that our emotions and  unconscious urges need to be respected. Respect, too,  must be given for  the wildness of  our animal natures, and willingness to face the dark  within ourselves is  an imperative for Wolf people. Knowing this, and  honoring my free self, has led me to this particular fork in this  particular path. It has just begun; I will patiently follow and see  where it leads, and I suspect, my Wolf brethren will be beside me, as  they have since I was a child.

In the words of a Siberian Shaman, ‘Everything that is, is alive.’ I  have been fortunate to feel this from a young age. I deeply believe in  the interconnectedness of my Path; I have walked as a Druid for many  years now, and as a part of that path, I was fortunate to work with the  Foundation for Shamanic Studies and deepen my connection to the  Otherworld and to my Guides and Teachers. This is merely a fork in the  road, and a joyful one, I believe.

I state now my intentions to continue walking and learning along that  path, and honor the lessons I am given. As an honoring of Wolf, I  started a header illustration today; it will be of an Arctic Wolf.