I had a lot of problems with this chapter. Mainly, I couldn’t remember a word of it. My mind was like a sieve when it came to this chapter. The chapter starts off with the Song of Amairgen, and speaks of poetical incantations and the Irish sagas. I’m a horrible Druid. I just don’t care about those old tales much. I am so bored by them; I go cross-eyed, and when I’m not bored, I’m irritated. I’m sure that’s an incredibly unpopular position to be in, but at least I’m truthful.

He goes through a laundry list of Druids found in the literature, including Findgoll Mac Findemas, Tosdan, Cabadios, Cathbad, and more.

He also goes on and on about how Druids were probably tonsured.

He also discusses how Christianity impacted the Celts and the view of the Druids.