Well, as it turns out, I have some books that are actually on the official reading list for the DP. Now, since I already have a book that fits the requirement, and I already know my Hearth culture, I’ve chosen ‘The Druids’ by Peter Beresford Ellis. This is a book that I took time to verify, because it’s actually published under two different names with two different covers (double-checking and triple-checking the ISBNs – no paranoia in evidence, THERE 😉 ). Yes, I’ve read this book, but, now I need to read it again with an eye for really studying it.

My first impression of the book was that he knew what he was talking about, but, didn’t seem to feel that NeoPagan Druids were Druids at all. It will be interesting to revisit the book and see if I have misinterpreted this ‘meta feeling’ or not. Sadly, I don’t remember much else about the book. I don’t remember why it wound up on my shelf, or what attracted me to it – it may have been the only book on Druids that seemed likely to be scholarly vs. foolishness at my local bookstore.

I also checked out the book report format in the Journey documentation, and deeply grateful I am. These guidelines will help me get so much more out of my studies, and improve my skillsets immeasurably. I really owe all the people who have gone before me a big debt. Although I have two college degrees, they are technical and in the ART field – it’s not that I’m not a scholar, I’ve just never been taught how to research, write and document much. And honestly, I completed my last degree 11 years ago – and haven’t had to write much since, except informal to-myself notes and jottings – hardly scholarly work, that!