The Standard Liturgy

This outline is by Ian Corrigan, available on the ADF site under rituals / explanations, and breaks the core down to a simple list.

  1. Procession
  2. Opening Prayers
  3. Grove Attunement
  4. Fire, Well, and Tree
  5. Purpose and Precedent
  6. Purification
  7. Opening...


This ùrnaigh's intent is 'sacred speech', and I will state this in the beginning before the processional from the Truck to the ritual site for my first High Day, Bealltainn. I use this prayer before...


Just for reference, I'm using my Hearth culture's spelling and pronunciation for 'Beltane' or May Day. The literal translation for this word is 'May Day' in my Green dictionary. I've also seen it spelled 'Bealtuinn',...

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