All eight of the High Days and any comments I’ve made on the nature of them.

Samhuinn 2012 Altar

By |October 2nd, 2012|

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Vernal Equinox

By |March 20th, 2012|

When I actually get my research done, and get more rituals and High Days up, this will go under the appropriate section… but, I needed to record this:

Spring begins in the Northern Hemisphere on March 20, 2012, at 1:14 A.M. (EDT).

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Exit Standard for High Days

By |January 17th, 2012|

From the website:
Short essays on each of the eight ADF High Days including a discussion of the meaning of each feast. (125 words min. each)
Additional notes:

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Ancestor Altar

By |November 30th, 2011|

This altar not only incorporates my family lines on both my Mum’s and Dad’s sides, but also our ties to Scotland and the home country, and my non-human lineage as well. My family is from Scotland on both sides of the tree, but my Mum is 1st generation American, so my grandparents were from Scotland […]

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More Gaelic Folklore for both Scotland and Ireland

By |October 30th, 2011|

From the 11th century, the Christian eve of All Saints is referred to in Gaelic as Féile na Marbh, or, the festival of the dead’.

The night of Samhain, in Irish, Oíche Samhna and Scots Gaelic, Oidhche Samhna, is one of the principal festivals of the Celtic calendar, and falls on the October 31. In modern […]

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