Nature Awareness

This is related to Requirement #7 for the DP – time spent in cultivating awareness of Nature.

Got Bloom?

By |April 12th, 2015|

It’s that time in CenTex again when the wildflowers are out and so are the bugs. Even though it didn’t start out as a goal, I wound up spending some time wandering the fields of Overlook Park and breathing in the bluebonnets. I never knew they had such a ‘loud’ smell until I started walking […]

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Fairy Acknowledgement

By |April 7th, 2015|

Since the fairies are expecting attention, I believe something simple and traditional is the best way to go. Don’t spy, don’t be negative, don’t trample anything, and for the Gods’ sakes don’t THANK them, just get in there and give them their due and get out. I think maintaining traditional Fairy etiquette is probably the […]

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In Acknowledgement of the Fairies

By |April 7th, 2015|

I was so not thrilled by the discovery of the Fairy Tree, that I sat down and took out my pendulum and worked out a few answers and a course of action.

My questions, and the responses:

Is this a Fairy Tree? Yes
Have the Gentry noticed me? Yes
Are they asking for attention? Yes
Are the ticks I keep […]

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The Fairy Tree

By |April 7th, 2015|

I had a sneaking suspicion that this was *not* an ordinary tree. It’s on one side of the Valley, below the new ritual area that has agreed to allow me to build a labyrinth there and do a little ritual now and again. The first time this tree caught my attention was a few years […]

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Taking of signs… a new ritual area welcomes me

By |March 30th, 2015|

Yesterday, I was walking in the Preserve and found a path to follow; it cut through some underbrush and then to a lovely stream and wash area, bounded on one side by a small hill and by a copse of trees I consider to be Fairy-touched. In fact, as I was walking across the valley, […]

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