I’m such a flake. I get so happy over the smallest things – I just  got a wee eMail today with permission to create my login and that I’ve  been accepted by ADF. My membership packet is on its way!!! I, of  course, zipped right over to the website, grabbed a login, and  downloaded the Dedicant Manual and started reading everything online. (I  don’t have the SLIGHTEST problem with impulsiveness or enthusiasm, not  me!)

I’ve been spending some time online with the articles section, and so  far, from outside looking in, quite frankly, they espouse similar  viewpoints to my own; I believe in scholarship of culture and history,  the latest scientific stuff (how unscientifically put!) and since I have  deep Celtic roots and came to my path originally through the study of  family heritage and the Gaelic language, I’m most pleased at this  mindset.

I also find myself agreeing with the theology. I do tend to see Gods  and Goddesses as distinct beings; monism and duotheism have been points  of contention with my Wiccan friends many times. How refreshing to not  be the odd man out!