or, searching for a good Gaelic word for ‘Life-Force’

Modern Druids like those of OBOD use the Welsh term for this concept, ‘Nwyfre’, which apparently comes to us from Iolo Morganwg (Edward Williams), a poor and unendorsed source for ADF study. According to Celtnet UK, Nwyfre is a Cymric god known from the patronymics of Gwenwynwyn and Gwnar in the Welsh Triads and the Mabinogion of Culhwch ac Olwen. He was one of the progenitor gods of the Brythonic pantheon and represents one of the ‘lost’ sky gods. Nwyfre’s name literally means ‘firmament’. There doesn’t seem to be a direct translation in Gàidhlig for this, however, if I look at the meaning of the word, I can at least have some options to use for communicating this concept.

I still need to go through my JG Campbell, my JF Campbell, F. Marian MacNeill and others, to actually see what Highland Gaels have traditionally used, if possible. I did include my dictionaries, here, though, for a start.

a nan Faclairean:
Firmament – Speur
Sky – Speur
Energy – Fuinneamh, Neart
Neart can also mean ‘strength’
Spirit – Spiorad means ‘a spirit’ and Spioradail means ‘spiritual’

From Celtic Christian and other resources:
Neamh, Heaven
In the Lord’s prayer: a tha air Neamh (who art in Heaven)
Freumh – Root