From Week 1 of the DP/Wheel of the Year document by Rev. Dangler, there are a series of homework questions I’ve been thinking about and need to record.

I realise I’ve chosen to embark on the DP journey for ADF for two main reasons. Firstly, there has been something lacking in my practice for far too long, namely, connection to the Gods and the honoring and worshiping of said. Greer’s brilliant essay regarding the differences between OBOD and ADF really nail it on the head. I’ve been with OBOD for 11 years, and, although I’m an Ovate, and I have developed a strong Path, again, there’s something missing.

Secondly, I feel disconnected from OBOD. I don’t have Seed Groups or Groves that are easily accessible here where I live, so I miss out on any face-time or meaningful connection with others. I found community here with local Pagan groups, mostly Wiccans, but I don’t follow a Wiccan Path. I feel as though I may have a better chance of face-time and inclusion in ADF.

I’m hoping that this will evolve into my Path, right alongside OBOD. I feel there is room in my life – actually a necessity – for both. As an Ovate, divination, shamanic techniques and my own carefully thought-out practice are all valuable, as well as practicing magick and working with the local groups here in open circles, but, I’m a Druid, and the more I study Wicca, the more I realise my theology and Path doesn’t really mesh with theirs.

What I’m hoping to get out of this, and what I expect to learn, is HOW TO CONNECT AND HONOR THE GODS. I need concrete tools and a feedback forum to develop them in. To achieve this, I actually joined an online Wiccan college and started on a Dedicant 1st Degree Path with them, but, I really want my Druidry – and I took a fresh look at ADF. Well, I was led here, really, but, that goes under the Patrons heading. 🙂 And oh yes, it helped that their very name is Gaeilge, although there’s nary a lick of that in me and my Gaelic is Scottish –  Gàidhlig.

Do I know where this Path will take me? Well, ultimately, it will take me where I’m supposed to be. I’m checking my expectations at the door, and leading with Heart. My heart is happy, and it’s full, and I’m ready to start, because the time feels right. There is another element to this, of course – the Vernal Equinox has just past, and that’s a great time to start things and nurture the growth of them.

This course will be a true challenge. I am intimidated by the obvious calibre of the writings and scholarship of the membership of ADF, and it will be a test of my fortitude (my clan motto, by the way – my family is Scottish). I’m an artist, not a researcher, but I do deeply enjoy the exploration, and I love to stretch and push and raise the bar. I’m thrilled to be part of an organisation whose tagline is ‘Why Not Excellence’!! Why not, indeed!