…And probably, a wee bit of trepidation. As Wolf teaches, to wait and  watch, observe; then move with deliberation. I have just joined Ár  nDraíocht Féin, and as I am most thrilled, I decided to start my  WordPress journal of the Dedicant journey this very evening. It was  after some careful thought; I have actually followed a Druid path now  for many years, but, I find that I am not resonating with my older  affiliations, and even though I’m surrounded by Wiccans of every stripe,  I’m not called to that Path, either. The research I did last night on  ADF.org and the visit by my loving patron, Mannannàn Mac Lir, clinched  it. I did not know that he was so deeply involved with so many of the  ADF membership, and I really feel led there, by Him, and by my own  ancestors. S’ma gu bheil mi ann!