My task was to go to the Lower World and find a power animal willing to work with me for the next phase of my training. I was to ask what gifts the animal brought, and why it chose to work with me.

I went down my train tunnel, and my Spirit Mate wasn’t there, because it’s Full Moon. It was bathed in moonlight, and beautiful, and I opened the old gate and walked barefoot into the tunnel, unafraid. When I got out into the Lower World, it felt empty – no one was there, so I kept walking. All of a sudden, I was on a grassy, desert-like plain, and a big Rhinoceros was waiting for me. I asked the animal if he or she was the one, and she said ‘yes’.

I asked her why she chose to work with me, because she remarked as we talked that humans were a bit foolish. She said in reply to my question: ‘You have been utterly flattened by how other people have treated you. I’m here to teach you how to take up space in the world, how to tread with power and purpose, and how to be fierce.’ She added, ‘You need to be fierce. You need to matter. You have been so convenient to others, you’ve convenienced yourself right out of your own life. Other people need to be inconvenienced now, it’s good for them. Otherwise, they’re too selfish.’

She also added that it was a total disgrace how my mother treated me, she’d NEVER treat her calf in such a horrible manner.

The rest of the journey was me riding her; she wanted me to FEEL how it felt to RUN and really allow her weight and power to show with every stride.

She gave me an assignment, at the end of the drumming session. She said she wanted to know what humans thought they knew about her kind, and I was to entertain her with this next time.