Also for this unit, I am asked to make a list of ethical statements as if I had a waiting room and posted these pledges on the wall. What would mine look like? I thought long and hard about it, and feel that this is merely a rough in progress, because I have quite a bit of growing to do before I’d actually step in and have such a practice, but, these are the initial statements I came up with:

“I promise my clients that I will …
…focus exclusively on the agreed-upon topic under consideration.”
…report, not interpret, the messages the Spirits relay to me.”
…enter partnership with positive intent and positive energy.”
…work to the very best of my ability.”
…maintain strict confidentiality.”

“I can assure my clients my commitment to never …

…work without proper permission.”
…work with intention to harm. I will never use anything I learn in the Otherworld to manipulate or gain unfair advantage.”
…continue to work past your point of comfort.”
…use power to direct someone else’s choices or life.”

This really was an interesting and informative exercise, because I have never really journeyed for anyone else except under FSS workshop conditions, and have never considered doing so. It really helped to think through and articulate this.