A quick note on constantly running into snakes and snake references…

Seems like since I’ve started the course, I’m running into snakes, folks who talk about snakes, sheds, pictures; in all the years I’ve lived in Texas, I’ve never run across so much SNAKE.

  • The mating snakes tumbling across the path right in front of me in the Preserve the first week of the course
  • The big shed in my attic the technician found
  • The snakes my neighbor photographed entering my yard from hers
  • The snake hole the technician found under my shed
  • The lady I ran into walking Teddy that just spontaneously had to share her story of owning a 5 ft. ball python

I’ve only been taking this course for two weeks.

Addendum: A few days ago, for the first time in nearly 5 years of almost daily walking out to the Preserve, Teddy and I ran into a rattlesnake in Cactus Fields.