So, I’ve been working on this lesson for going on 4 weeks now; I had something that wasn’t sitting right with me. The medicine pouch. The assignment was to:

[alert type=”general” accent_color=”#fffcf4″ background_color=”” border_size=”1px” icon=”” box_shadow=”yes” animation_type=”0″ animation_direction=”down” animation_speed=”0.1″ class=”” id=””]Find a small item to represent your new spirit helper(s). Either make, or locate a small bag/pouch to put this in, with a cord long enough to slip over your head. Often, this is referred to as a ‘medicine pouch’, and it helps keep your spirit helpers and their power close at hand.[/alert]

I planned on doing one. I even looked at the leather and fasteners I already had, and planned on creating a lined pouch. I even have all the materials, including the cord, and the token I was going to put in it. Kept procrastinating. Wouldn’t do it. Then I realised the resistance was not just laziness. I don’t like the idea of a ‘medicine pouch’. It’s too ‘Native American’ for me. I don’t resonate with it. It’s too annoying; I don’t want a hot leather pouch / cord dangling around my neck all the time in 100+ degree heat. I don’t even wear jewelry 90% of the time. I’m one of these people that don’t even carry much of a purse because I can’t stand even that when I go out.

So, yahoo that I am, I decided to honor my Power Animal a bit differently. Part of understanding why I chose to do what I did is understanding her message and the animal she is. I chose a rock from my altar. It’s a favoured one, a beautiful one that helped prop up my offering bowl.

Rock BottomRock Face
The rock from the altar – bottom and face; I’ve already begun the carving in the photo.

Her message to me is ‘stand your ground’, ‘take up space in the world’, ‘learn to move through the world and be taken into account’. Those are Earth, grounding messages, and I see that as stone. These are foundational to physical existence. So, I decided to draw a picture of her on a stone from my altar, and keep it on my desk as I work so that I am reminded of her and her message.

The finished piece. It’s acrylic paint (Golden Brand Carbon Black) and a Dremel tool etching for highlights.