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L16 Simple Protection Spells

L16 Simple Protection Spells

Perform one of the spells given in the lesson. Allow one week for it to take effect in your life. Describe your feelings and experiences with your chosen spell. (You may make alterations to suit your situation if necessary.)
I did the Wind Chimes ritual and hung a set up near my entryway on the front porch. I toyed with the idea of creating a set, but I knew, if I actually did that, I would still be waiting on doing the homework 🙂 I caved and bought them.

The chimes:

Charging the Chimes

I found these chimes on Amazon – after I cleansed them of funky energy, I charged them with Cunningham’s spell.

I have to admit, although I love the simplicity of Scott Cunningham’s work and I have the book referenced in the lesson, sometimes I cringe doing the rhyming chant. It makes me feel silly. I also had trouble embracing the meaning behind the rhyme, as it didn’t help me really visualise the intent. So,mI did my own chant that, well, doesn’t rhyme (mine never do), but gave me the spirit behind the spell. It was the first night of the full moon.

I put the pronunciation underneath each line, although there are sounds for the word ‘wind’ that we don’t make in English at all. So ‘goo’ isn’t really like ‘gooey’; it has an ‘ah’ sound to it.

Hanging on the front porch

Gaoth an ear
Gaoth an deas
Àirde na Gaoithe
Cuir a h-uile càil air falbh
Naoi uairean naoi

Goouh an air
Goouh an jess
Ard-jah nah goah-ie
Coo-er a hoola cal air fal-av
Noy oorin noy

East Wind
South Wind
West Wind
Blow all ill away
Nine times nine

After a few weeks, nothing bad happened, so I think it worked! Seriously, no weird people knocking on the door, no people trooping through, no sales people, no roving bands of other religions attempting to convert me, nothing. And my neighbor appeared out of nowhere while I was hanging them and told me he liked them 😉

Describe a situation in which you may desire protection, and then create your own spell to do so, using any techniques you have learned, and information found in previous lessons.
I sat with this lesson for a while, because I needed to be able to a) articulate what I’m seeking protection from; and b) actually write a spell.

Here’s the purpose of the spell:
Protecting me from projects that take far more energy than they are actually worth. I have a rough time with some book illustration, pet portraits and a few other design projects that have taken far more energy and time than I have ever received in payment, advertising, goodwill, whatever the return should have been. It’s actually prevented me from moving forward on my own very critical projects, including my Oracle decks and my ogham work. I need to learn to say ‘no’ to certain things, and to discern where to put my limited energy better. This spell needs to protect me on many levels – the physical, my illustration time; the mental, my design and planning time and worrying about deadlines; spiritual, to set more appropriate energy boundaries; and the emotional, to learn to say ‘no’ and tolerate disappointing others.

I decided to use a candle spell – Scott Cunningham has some great ones, and I wanted to use what we learned in the lessons. I also did this on the Full Moon for maximum energy and protection.

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