EnchantedWolf's Journey | Mighty Dead Chap. 2
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Mighty Dead Chap. 2

Mighty Dead Chap. 2

What Do All Religions & Traditions Have In Common When It Comes To Death?
They venerate their dead. Archeology has found traces all the way back to the Stone Age of this.

Why Is It Common To Find Personal Items At Burial Sites.
There are a few reasons for this. One is the belief that the dead will need the items in the afterlife. This practice is seen a great deal in Egyptian funerary tradition. Another is to

What Role Does Death Or The Afterlife Play In Your Path Work?

How Does Karma Play A Role In The Afterlife?

Do All Paths/Traditions Have A Heaven & Hell?

British Traditional Practitioners Wonder If Through Psychic Means If It’s Possible To Find Reincarnations Of Their Elders (Alex Sanders, Gerald Gardner). What Would This Mean To Our Teachings?
As Penczak stated it could be great – or really bad. I tend to agree with that. I believe we can connect with them already in the Otherworld; they don’t necessarily need to be here on the physical plane.

Many Traditions Have Horizontal, Vertical & Circular Worlds. What Is The Significance Of These Multi Levels?

Why Was Reincarnation Part Of The Druids Teaching?

What Role Does The Fae Play In The Celtic Tradition & Their Beliefs In The Dead?

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