I’m just finishing up the first of the 3 blocks for the Gaelic course at SMO. I’m not sure I should proceed yet to the 2nd block. I got my final in the inbox today and I have 10 days to complete it and turn it in. I will take all of that time. Probably an hour a night. It’s tough. I skimmed it. Depending on how well I pass both the written and the oral, and the feedback my tutor gives me, will determine whether I will move forward or not. Mastery of material is more important than grade, and I don’t mind repeating Earrann 1 if necessary. My tutor did say that Earrann 2 built on the first, and revisited much of that material, so it may not be necessary to repeat. I *do* have summer break and the next intake is in September, so that gives me two months give or take, to practice and drill. I can also choose to skip the next intake and go with the February 2014 intake.  I do have my Gaelic workgroup in Burnet, and I’m modifying the material we work with there in that group to include the kind of oral drills we’re doing on the phone with SMO. So the short answer is ‘I have no clue what I’m doing yet’ (for the above reasons). Time will tell.