My ongoing experiences, thoughts and essays of a Druid embarked on the Ár nDraíocht Féin Dedicant Path. I’ve been a member of OBOD now for many years, and I’m an Ovate in their Grade system; but I’m finding myself led here by my Patron Deity, Mannannán Mac Lir. In addition to OBOD, I’ve studied at an online Wiccan College for several years, and I’ve also been a member of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies for five or six; I don’t rightly remember. It just seems like I’ve been on this Path for my whole life, and fortunate I am to say so.

So, now, if you’re an ADF member, and would like to link blogs, leave me a note and I’ll be sure to add you.

Currently, I’m walking this path as a solitary – the closest Protogroves are 3 hours in one direction, and 4.5 in the other; but, I may begin a study group or protogrove of my own, when I finally get brave enough 😉 As it is, I will take the time to drive to one or the other Protogrove – or perhaps both – to attend at least one High Day at a public ritual this year’s cycle. (It started at Bealltainn, for me).

My Hearth Culture is Scottish Gaelic; my family is from Scotland; my family came to America for my Grandmother’s health and the medical care she needed, and I’m second generation American. Gaelic skipped two generations in my family, and I inadvertently started my spiritual path by learning Gaelic and trying to reweave the broken threads of our Gael heritage and family disconnects.

Oh yes, I almost forgot – I’m an illustrator and web designer; if you want to use my images, please ASK. I hold the copyright – ©2005 Ealasaid Witt.

Please contact me to request use of my illustrations, especially my celtic wolf track.

If you’d like to see the rest of my portfolio, the site is here.

Celtic Knot Wolf Track My Celtic Knot Wolf Track – I looked for one for years, and just wound up designing my own; it is my personal power symbol. I created this originally for my tattoo; and it is what I used for my sacred soil painting for First Oath – please treat it as such; if you would like to use it, again, please ask.