Altar elements:

  • The Celtic Knot Fountain as my well
  • The Firebox area of the fireplace that have my black cherry candles for the dark half of the year
  • The Texas Mesquite offering bowl made by a local artist
  • The spring greenery intertwined with evergreen for  observation of the season
  • The heart shaped wreath signifies my connection to my Spirit Mate, whose birthday is March 10th;
  • The ashes of my familiar in honor of our ongoing connection
  • The stones at the base for structure, grounding and foundation
  • The Pentacle for elements, seasons and 5-fold connection
  • The fairy stone given to me by a child that I had never seen before or since,  for connection to the Otherworld
The altar at the Vernal Equinox. My Altar hasn't changed much in about 3 years, but that's because it works for me.

The altar at the Vernal Equinox. My Altar hasn’t changed much in about 3 years, but that’s because it works for me. My furniture is nicer, though.

Thoughts around the Vernal Equinox:
It really dawned on me how connected I am to the world of nature and the Otherworld vs. the Gods, so to speak. Nowhere on my Altar have I ever had depictions of anthromorphic Gods. I need to think about that, about how I experience connection. I tend to see it as a deficiency on my part, or some sort of a void. So many of my friends speak of their deep connections to this God or that Goddess, and have deep working connections with them, statuettes and drawings and all sorts of homage to them. Not me.

I tend to talk about the Coyote that paused to watch me or walked up to me in the dark while meditating; or the boattail grackle that landed on my fence post, rattled his wings and looked carefully at me. The fox I saw three times, who was killed and contacted me in a dream to take his bones and put them on my outdoor altar I maintain in a conservation area near to my home. It’s fox bones and wolf hybrid skulls and bits of fur and depictions of wolf tracks that adorn my altar.

Those are the connections I feel. I think that’s how the Gods speak to me.