After doing this meditation requirement for the DP, one of the things I’ve come to realise about myself is that when I meditate, the most calming type and the one that brings the most peace and focus, is moving meditation. I sit too still at the computer, working; I sit still at an easel, painting; I have tonnes of pent-up energy and when I need to calm and self-soothe, or focus, I NEED TO MOVE.

Hence, for my next type of meditation practice, I’m going to construct a labyrinth. The actual construction will be part of the moving meditation and focus. Clearing and cleansing space, gathering the stones, laying the pathwork, and following the course of the labyrinth will be a part of the practice.

I now have the ritual area for it.

My plans and sketches will also appear in this space, as well as photographs, as I document the progress.