As I stated in another post, I’ve not started the 23 weeks of meditation requirement. Its true purpose – mental discipline and personal growth – leaves me feeling unprepared to sustain it. I know I can; but I have some resistance to it. Perhaps I need to –meditate– to find out what that resistance is?!! Har de har – I kill myself sometimes. *wipes tears from laughter out of eyes*. Okay, enough of indulging my weird sense of humour.

I intend to pursue a number of different alternatives, which I am researching and will also post to this topic, so that if I become restless and in danger of failing the requirement, once begun, I can switch to something else. This, after all, is part of knowing myself. I have a Cancer sun with a Sagittarius moon, Gods help me. All that water with its ebb and flow, which includes my energy levels and ability to stay focused; plus the Sag tendency to want freedom and lack  of restraint, and not really care overmuch. Lordy be.

In the past, I’ve done Tai Chi; a Light Body meditation from OBOD; of course grounding and centering, and several other types of meditation, moving and otherwise. I feel the need to research and understand my alternatives, and as I work on this project, really get to know what works, and what doesn’t. I have trouble sustaining, because I have a tendency to rigidly pursue just one thing at a time, on a daily basis, until I get so heartily sick of it, or experience a problem, and quit. I need to pay attention to this little tidbit of self-knowledge, and learn to make it work for me, instead of against.