First, I only did this exercise once this week. I probably should have done it more frequently, seeing what I experienced, but, I’ve decided to go ahead and do this again this coming week, and not change the meditation, like I usually do.

I discovered that, prior to ‘unwinding’ the Chakras in the manner Villoldo suggests, I could feel my solar plexus chakra in an interesting way. Although it didn’t ‘hurt’, it was like running my hand over a splinter sticking out, and when I was in contact with it, I could tell it was moving and ‘stuck’ inside the body (stiff or inflexible). The other chakras didn’t feel this way.

I went through and unwound/rewound the chakras using his method described. I just did a few deep breaths; I was pretty relaxed, and I’ve done this now before. I used my left hand.  When I first started, I had a hard time sensing the right place to do this for each chakra, but as I persisted, I was able to feel more and more the right places on my body to unwind and rewind. Now, I can do it pretty quickly, and I don’t fumble around. This week, most of my chakras ‘felt’ pretty good, except my solar plexus. And when I attempted to clear it, I actually became nauseous. Overall, I felt much better, afterward; just a general sense of well-being.