Yesterday, I was walking in the Preserve and found a path to follow; it cut through some underbrush and then to a lovely stream and wash area, bounded on one side by a small hill and by a copse of trees I consider to be Fairy-touched. In fact, as I was walking across the valley, I was thinking about the trees and the fairies.

I cut down that path, following my intuition, and found myself in a clearing under tall trees that created a full canopy above; sheltered, and crossed by two game trails. I was struck by what a great ritual area it would be, so I asked aloud the trees and the space if it were interested in being a ritual area. In good faith, I removed the human debris I found there (old bottles and cans washed from the hill above) and spoke of wanting to create a small labyrinth and perhaps do ritual there a couple of times a year, and I also stated I’d be back the next day or so to see if I could feel an answer to my question.

I went back the next day to the Preserve – we walk there daily – and the first thing that happened was, I got badly tangled in a piece of barbed wire. It had wrapped itself deeply into my jeans and took me nearly 10 minutes to uncoil and extricate myself, but, I wasn’t harmed, and my clothes weren’t even torn.

I said aloud, “I understand that is a message, but I don’t know what the message is.”

A few minutes later, Mr. Teddy (my husky) blunders into another piece of barbed wire and gets all tangled in it. I free him and he isn’t harmed, either. Again, I remarked aloud, ‘that was a reinforcement of the message. But I’m not sure whether it’s positive or negative.’

The rest of the walk past without incident, and when we got home, I pulled out my Tarot deck and pendulum, and pulled an interesting card – 7 of wands. That’s a card of challenge, but a battle that can be won. Instantly, in a flash, I understood what the message was. I was being tested. I past the test twice. A barrier was placed before me, and I extricated myself with patience and good will, and emerged unscathed, twice. I used the pendulum to verify my interpretation, and received an unequivocal ‘yes’.

I have a new space to do ritual!