I had a DNA test done, and it confirmed that yes, I’m Indo-European and probably 69% Continental Celt and 29% Viking. The other 2% is undetermined. My DNA is shown to come directly from Austria / Switzerland, Slovenia, Southern Germany into Northern France, and all up through the Scandinavian countries. What this means, I’m not too sure. My family comes from Scotland in living memory, but, my DNA does not, I guess because the DNA studies go back much further than written records. I guess it just means my family was not part of the original genetic stock of the Highlands and Islands, but a later Celtic transplant – or part of a Viking invasion. The Northern Highlands in particular have more in common with the Norse culture than the Gael.

Here’s a link to some DNA studies: http://www.eupedia.com/europe/Haplogroup_R1b_Y-DNA.shtml