Well, it’s not a bad job considering I only spent a few hours on it;  it is a sketch, and not meant to be perfect, but, the animal’s name came  to me as I was walking my dog amid a very lovely, crisp evening.

Since my Power Animal (animal totem) is wolf, and my magickal name is  EnchantedWolf, as is the name of my art studio, it was only fitting. He  or she – I haven’t received enough information to know, actually – told  me to call him/her WinterWhite. So, the name of the piece is  ‘WinterWhite Watches’. He or she is an arctic wolf, and it was an  interesting challenge to choose the undercolours for the coat.

Wolves are double-coated, and arctic wolves, canis lupis arctos, is a  subspecies of the Grey. That magnificent, dense coat allows the animal  to endure sub-zero temperatures, sometimes for years. They are anywhere  from white to creme to beige; I have between 6-10 colours in that little  sketch. So much for white!

These beautiful animals live in absolute darkness for five months out  of the year, and their eyesight is poor, as are all wolves, but, their  stare is said to be very human-like (I don’t see it that way). One thing  I enjoyed learning whilst doing this piece was how this animal’s eyes  were set differently in the head than my husky, Teddy, who has the same  colour eyes.

White Wolves have been visiting me in signs and omens and dreams for  many, many years, and this little study/sketch was an honor to do. May  my beloveds watch over my journey!